The Ice Age Route

545 €7 Days300 Km Difficulty ••◌◌◌ Topography ••◌◌◌Daily route length •••◌◌
Rejsetyper: English
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Overview - teaser: 7 day cycling holiday in the footsteps of the vikings through Denmarks Ice Age landscape
Fra pris: 545 €
Dage: 7 Days
Kilometer: 300 Km
Sværhedsgrad: Difficulty ••◌◌◌
Topografi: Topography ••◌◌◌
Etapelængde: Daily route length •••◌◌

Discover the magical Danish countryside, with quaint small villages, rolling hills and vild primeval nature which dates back to the last Ice Age 20.000 years ago, where the massive receding icescapes formed the landscape which to this day characterizes this part of Denmark.

Our classic cycling holiday through the northwestern part of Denmark's main island Zealand is not only one of our most popular tours, but also the perfect opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful and unknown corners of Denmark. Here you will get to experience just how diverse the Danish nature and landscape can be from the flat lake districts, wild moors and mountainous rolling hills to the vast farmlands and historic viking towns. The route takes you through such areas as UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred, National Park Skjoldungernes Land, Nature Park Åmosen and the majestic “Danish Alps”, where the natural beauty of the preserved primeval nature is unique and has been recognized and protected.

The small cozy villages, the fields in bloom, the green forests and lush hilly landscapes form the backdrop to this 7 day cycle holiday along the Ice Age Route through the idyllic Danish summer landscape departing from the town of Sorø to Jyderup, Havnsø, Nykøbing Sj., Holbæk, Roskilde, Lejre, Brorfelde and back to Sorø for a total of 290 kilometres.


Follow in the steps of the vikings...

The Ice Age Route is not just a magnificent experience because of its many natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, but it also lets the traveler delve into Denmark's fascinating viking heritage. 

At several points along the route, you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of the Vikings. Journey through the mythical Skjoldungernes Land National Park where the legendary kings Roar and Skjold ruled their viking kingdom from their capital in Lejre and later Roskilde. Today the lush hilly landscape around Lejre offers up a wealth of old Viking treasures, burial mounds and stone settings. At the visitors center at Land of Legends (Sagnlandet Lejre) which is an archaeological open-air museum, it is possible to journey back in time and experience a reconstruction of Denmark's largest Viking Hall, which was uncovered in Lejre in 2009. 

Roskilde, with its more than 1000-year history, is one of Denmark's oldest cities. The city’s UNESCO-preserved Cathedral is the resting place of the last many generations of the Danish royal family. At Roskilde harbor, it is possible to continue exploring the world of the Vikings at the Viking Ship Museum, which has Northern Europe's largest collection of unique Viking shipwrecks. Here you might also be lucky to find one of the many reconstructed viking ships built by the master boat builders themselves on the pier at Roskilde Harbor. 

At Viking Center Fugledegaard - which also serves at the gateway to Nature Park Åmosen, you can learn more about Nordic Mythology, the religion of the vikings while at Ulvsborg Historical Workshop it is possible to visit a reconstruction of a fortified Grand Farm with main building, fortress tower and several smaller workshops.



Travel program

Day 1: Arrival in Sorø

The starting point of the route is the old town of Sorø approx. 50 min by car / 90 min by train from the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Arrival in the town of Sorø during the day at your own leisure.

Sorø has an eventful history, beautiful nature and a charming main street. Three lakes surround the town of which it got it’s name Sor-Ø (Sor-Island). In the old Cathedral, which dates back more than 800 years, some of the first Danish kings lies buried. Today the grounds around the old cathedral and the lake are home to Akademihaven - the Academy Garden, which is a mix of a French Baroque style park with linden avenues and English park style with lawns, shrubs and free-standing trees. Here you also find the prestigious boarding school Sorø Akademi, which used to house a range of renowned Danish cultural figures like Hans Christian Andersen and Ludvig Holberg.

Day 2: Sorø - Jyderup, approx. 60 Km.

The journey on the Ice Age Route starts in the old town of Sorø in western Zealand. From Sorø the route follows through the large forest areas outside the city before the vast farmlands unfolds as you follow the small country roads through western Zealand. Arriving at Denmark’s 4th largest lake, Tissø, you will be able to have your first encounter with what will be several Viking related sites along the route. Viking center Fugledegaard tells the story about the Viking rituals and religion and the largest golden archeological artefact ever to be found in Denmark. Fugledegaard is also the gateway to Nature Park Åmosen, which offers a varied and undisturbed landscape with rich wildlife, old deep forests, and the lakes Tissø and Skarresø.


Sights along the route:

Nature Park Åmosen
Fugledegaard Viking Center
Lake Tissø
Strids Mølle


Day 3: Jyderup - Nykøbing Sj., approx 65 km.

As you reach the west coast of Zealand and journey through the scenic coastal town of Havnsø, which is a popular vacation hotspot and buzzing with activity during the summer months, you follow the coastline past the old Dragsholm Castle, where the renowned restaurant in 2017 received the coveted Michelin star. Dragsholm Castle has three separate restaurants and is an excellent stop if you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience. After Dragsholm the terrain shifts and you now enter the northwestern corner of Zealand and Denmark’s first UNESCO-Global Geopark, UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred. Odsherred has received this great international recognition because of the unique Ice Age landscape that unfolds in the area. The change in scenery is apparent from the start, as you make your way to Odsherredbuerne - a range of large hills which the Tour de France peloton passed in 2022 and where Danish Magnus Cort secured the polka dot mountain jersey by winning all three mountain sprints on Kårup Bakker, Høve Stræde and Åsevang. The route goes through the hilly landscape and over two of the Tour de France “mountains” before reaching the northernmost point of the tour, the town of Nykøbing Sj. and Anneberg Kulturpark (culture park), at which it is possible to visit the local microbrewery, the artists’ wing and the second Michelin-star restaurant of the day, Restaurant Mota, which was crowned Denmark’s restaurant of the year in 2022, same year as they got their first Michelin star.


Sights along the route:

Dragsholm Slot
UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred
Tour de France climbs
The Esterhøj stone
Anneberg Culture Park
Restaurant Mota



Day 4: Nykøbing Sj. - Holbæk, approx. 40 km.

Today is a short stage, so there will be plenty of time to make stops along the way and enjoy the scenery.
From Anneberg, the Ice Age Route continues through the UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred, where the coastal areas along Isefjord and Lammefjord are the highlights of the day. The coastal road winds its way along the bay, through the hilly landscape by the Isefjord and into the drained flatlands of the Lammefjord. Originally Odsherred was a peninsula that was only connected to Zealand via a narrow land bridge, but in 1874 the dikes at Audebo and Sidinge was completed and a vast landmass west of the dykes was drained making it one of the lowest points in Western Europe, a full 7 meters below sea level.
After passing the two dykes at Sidinge and Audebo, you reach the beautiful peninsula of Tuse Næs. Here you weave you way through the small villages and hilly farmland before reaching the coast where you can enjoy the view towards the city of Holbæk over the fjord.


Sights along the route:

UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred
The dikes at Audebo and Sidinge
Tuse Næs


Day 5: Holbæk - Roskilde, approx. 50 km.

Passing the city of Holbæk, the route follows Holbæk Fjord to the Skjoldungerens Land National Park, where the legendary kings Roar and Skjold ruled from the Viking capital in Lejre and later Roskilde. The picturesque landscape around Lejre offers a wealth of old Viking finds, burial mounds and stone settings. At Land of Legends in Lejre (Sagnlandet Lejre) you can experience a reconstruction of Denmark’s largest Viking Hall, which was uncovered just a stone’s throw away in 2009. From Lejre, the route continues through the lush and hilly landscape to the city of Roskilde, which, with its more than 1000-year history, is one of Denmark’s oldest cities and whose cathedral, which is the resting place of the last many generations of the Danish royal family, is a UNESCO World heritage site. At the waterfront in Roskilde it is possible to continue exploring the world of the Vikings at the Viking Ship Museum, which has Northern Europe’s largest collection of unique Viking shipwrecks.


Sights along the route:

Skjoldungerens Land National Park

Land of Legends Lejre (Sagnlandet Lejre)
Roskilde Cathedral
Viking Ship Museum


Day 6: Roskilde - Brorfelde, approx. 50 km.

From Roskilde, the easternmost point of the route, you begin the journey back towards the western part of Zealand. Once more you pass through the scenic landscape surrounding the small village of Lejre before reaching the great forests of Mid-Zealand, where forest, farmland and large estates will be the dominating feature of the day. As you pass the estate Sonnerupgård you are approaching the majestic Zealand “Alps”. This area is a typical Ice Age landscape, where fragments of glaciers shaped the deep valleys and lakes. Our destination for the day is the Observatory at Brorfelde, which sits on the very top of the Zealand “Alps”, from where a spectacular view across Mid- and Western Zealand awaits.

Until the late 1990s, the Observatory at Brorfelde was a working research station, where scientists lived and worked. Today it functions as a museum about space and geology. The observatory still has Denmark’s largest telescope which is open to the public and still used for stargazing - see our event “Evening at the observatory in Brorfelde”.


Sights along the route:

The Zealand "Alps"
The Observatory at Brorfelde
Exclusive event at the Observatory at Brorfelde with dinner, stargazing and accommodation (Optional)




Day 7: Brorfelde - Sorø, approx. 35 km.

As you leave the “Alps” and begin the last stretch back towards the final destination of Sorø, the landscape quickly flattens. Once more you will pass through Nature Park Åmosen - this time the very eastern part. The route takes you through Nordskoven (North forest) with the big stone, Sengestenen, and the old plantation at Bromme which is very unique in this area of Zealand. The area is very poor in nutrients, as it is rich on meltwater deposits from the Ice Age. Because of this the land was not suitable for cultivation so it was converted into a plantation of spruce and pine trees. The land is also rich on raw materials which are quarried. As the old quarries have ben reclaimed by nature, a unique landscape has emerged.
The last leg of the route takes your back to Sorø and around the big lake.


Sights along the route:

Nature Park Åmosen
Bromme plantation
Sorø Akademi
Sorø Klosterkirke
Akademihaven (Academy Garden)
Sorø lake




  • 6 stages on the Ice Age Route
  • 6 nights in shared double room at 2/3* or equivalent hotels
  • 6 x breakfast
  • Baggage transport, 1 piece per person
  • Detailed trip description and practical information in English
  • Printed maps of the route (in Danish) - 1 per booking
  • Free parking in Sorø
  • Meet and greet upon arrival and departure
  • 24 hr English speaking service-hotline

Not included

  • Bikes and equipment
  • Meals other than mentioned
  • Entrances, tours and events
  • Single room surcharge (200€)


Additional optional program

Entrance to open-air museum Land of Legends
Entrance to Vikingship museum in Roskilde
Entrance to the Observatory in Brorfelde (only open on weekends)
Wine tasting at local vineyard
Package: 135€




Fixed departures every Saturday

Prices start from   545 €. 


Fixed departures  
24/06-2023 *
08/07-2023 *
22/07-2023 *
05/08-2023 *
* Including stargazing event at the observatory in Brorfelde 

Additional services

TOUR / MTB bike hire 100€
E-bike hire 200€
Bike helmet 20€
Private airport transfer - one way (1-4 pax) 150€
Train ticket: CPH - Sorø - one way from 25€
Additional night in Sorø from 119 €
Additional night in Copenhagen On request


For bookings please contact Waterman Travel at +45 42 300 700 or 

Tour de France in Denmark

The 2022 Tour de France Grand Départ was in Denmark, where the first three stages took place. The Second stage from Roskilde to Nyborg followed many parts of the Ice Age Route.

Experience a real Tour de France mountain climb on the Ice Age Route when the route passes through the hills of Odsherredbuerne on the west coast of Zealand. Here the polka dot jersey was won by Danish Magnus Cort, when he was the first to climb all three "mountains" - Côte d’Asnæs Indelukke, Côte d’Høve Stræde and Côte de Kårup Strandbakke. 

The Ice Age Route takes you over the "mountains" of Kårup Bakker and Høve Stræde, and if you have the legs for the full trifecta, then it is only a short detour to also conquer Asnæs Indelukke. The route will also take you to the city of Roskilde, from where the second stage of the Tour de France began.





Rural charm and provincial life...

On this cycling holiday through the quaint Danish countryside, we have carefully selected your accommodation which offers both rural charm, culture and city life.

On the trip, you will be accommodated at estates, cultural institutions, inns and hotels, while at the Observatory in Brorfelde, as something very exclusive, we get to spend the night in the old housing facilities.

The beautiful Danish summer landscape with small cozy villages, green forests and lush hilly landscapes forms the backdrop to your cycling holiday along the Ice Age Route with overnight stays in Sorø, Jyderup, Nykøbing Sj., Holbæk, Roskilde and Brorfelde.






Stargazing at the Observatory in Brorfelde

Experience Denmark's largest telescope and go exploring among the stars.

At the very peak of the Zealand "Alps" lies Denmark's largest observatory, which until 20 years ago was operating as a research station. Today, the Observatory in Brorfelde is open to the public, where visitors are invited inside for both cosmic and down-to-earth adventures. Experience Denmark’s largest telescope, the old buildings and research stations which remain largely untouched by time or embark on a geological expedition of the remarkable Ice Age landscape surrounding the observatory, which is the only place in Denmark, where the darkness of the night itself has been preserved.

At Waterman Travel we are able to offer the exclusive possibility of including a unique evening at the Observatory in Brorfelde with star gazing, dinner, and accommodation in the old buildings.

This event is only available on select dates or for groups of more
than 10 people travelling together. 






A shared experience...

Join a community of fellow cycling enthusiasts and embark on a shared experience through the unique Danish Ice Age landscape.

On our cycling holidays on the Ice Age Route, we offer a range of fixed departure dates from June through August which means, that on any given departure up to 16 participants can be starting their trip. Therefore it is not uncommon to meet fellow travelers of different nationalities along the road on the Ice Age Route, at breakfast or dinner. The encounters with fellow travelers sharing anecdotes from the road around the breakfast or dinner table makes the journey into a shared experience.


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How to get to Sorø?

By air: Closest airport is Copenhagen Airport which has a large network of direct flights to many European, Asian and US destinations. Copenhagen Airport is approx. 50 min by car and 90 min by train from Sorø.

By train: There are direct train connections to Sorø from Copenhagen Central, Copenhagen Airport and Jutland.

By car: The E20 motorway connects Sorø (Exit 37) directly to Copenhagen, Funen, Jutland and on to Germany.

Transport to starting destination in Sorø

Transport to Sorø is not included in the tour price and must be arranged at the guests own expense. We offer to arrange private transfer or train tickets at an additional cost - see additional services.

Luggage transport

Luggage pick-up from 09.00 am, delivery to the next hotel by 05.00 pm at the latest. All luggage must be clearly labelled with the Waterman Travel luggage tags.

Bike hire

We offer three categories of bikes for hire: Tour bike, Mountain bike and E-bike. All bikes are to be picked up at Waterman Travel’s location in Sorø. Upon request we can deliver to the hotel in Sorø.
We offer full service and road assistance for all rental bikes for the full duration of the hire. All bikes are equipped with: air pump, bike lock, breakdown kit, lights. We can supply bike bags at an additional cost.

Travel documents

All documents are supplied in English, except for the physical route map which is in Danish.
Upon arrival guests will receive 1 set (per booked room) consisting of: hotel list, detailed description of route and sights, physical map (Danish), luggage tags and entrance vouchers.

Approx. 4 weeks prior to arrival, guests will receive detailed information about arrival and practical information about the trip.

Route grading

Overall the Ice Age Route is suitable for most people, though we recommend that riders have some cycling experience.

Difficulty - 2 / 5
The route follows larger stretches of gravel or forest roads as well as some minor stretches on or along larger country roads.

Topography - 2 / 5
Parts of the route runs through terrain which is moderately hilly with easy to moderate climbs. Though as it is Denmark, far most of the route is flat.

Stage length - 3 / 5
The daily stage length averages at 50-55 km a day.

Any questions?

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